Welcome to the Silver Society of Canada

Welcome to the Silver Society of Canada

The Silver Society of Canada counts collectors, dealers, auction house- and museums personnel to its membership. Our mission is to further knowledge about antique and modern silver. You find news and articles here on the home page and many more articles in Archives. If you would like to contribute, please contact Dorothea Burstyn - dburstyn@rogers.com

Published in Silver Society of Canada Journal 2015:

Simon Moore:The Conundrum of Liberty's Amazing Spoon Designs, Read more

Heike Zech: When Christ became an astronomer, the contrasting histories of two seventeeth century Augsburg shrines, Read more

Lorenz Seelig: Eighteenth Century Hanau Gold boxes, Read more

William P. Hood Jr. and Heinz J. Averwerser: Arthur Salm: A Story of steel and stamps, Read more 

The National Gallery publishes now an online journal National Gallery of Canada Review: (ngcr.utpjournals.press) Vibrant online journal with important contributions of curators and art historians. Please visit.